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File a Complaint on a Third Party Processor or Expediter

The following grounds for complaint, regarding your Third Party Processor or Licensed Expediter, should be filed with BACP and any other governing agency:

    • Made a false statement or misrepresentation on any document he/she submitted to the City on your behalf.

    • Submitted a document in support of your permit or license that contained false information.

    • Bribed or attempted to bribe any City inspector or other person in connection with your license or permit.

    • Solicited your business within City Hall.

    • Provided or offered to provide a gift to a City employee to expedite your license or permit.

    • Misrepresented the nature or type of service he/she would provide to you.

    • Misrepresented that he/she would obtain your license or permit by a specific date.

    • Misrepresented the status of the City approval or issuance of a City license or permit.

    • Failed to provide the services you paid for.

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