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Search for information on City Department or Circuit Court issued closure orders involving local public places of amusement and assembly. You can search by such means as Court Case Number, Street Address, Zip Code, Defendant or Licensee, Ward, Police District, or any combination of these.
Disclaimer: The information contained on this web page is gathered once daily from various City of Chicago departments. Although the City monitors this web page and the data sources from which this data originates, the City cannot guarantee the accuracy of the posted information more ...
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You may enter information in one or more fields below to search for building-related actions. Full or partial data may be entered. For example, typing "02BS03814" in the Case Number field will search for that specific Court Case; typing "02BS0" in the field will return all cases beginning with the 02BS0 number string; and typing "02" in the field will return all cases beginning with 02. You may click on the Advanced Search link below to show additional criteria you can use to conduct a search.
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